Thursday, August 20, 2009


we had the pleasure of performing at the AALBORG QUEER 9000 festival.
it was held at the activist collective/venue/anarchist book store/cafe/punk landmark called 1000 FRYD. much much much love to all the hard working people at this place that made us feel so at home!!
such a rad event!!! so many cool bands!! shout out to "Grace Velupte Le Van Van" (im probably spelling that all wrong) from Tolouse, France. they totally ruled.
and big shout out to CJ & The DOLLS and AJ SHANTI!!
hellz yes QUEER ENERGIES!!!!!!!!!

a lovely vegan meal at 1000 FRYD!!
an window along the Aalborg coast
a draw bridge in Aalborg* after Van Gogh

Hyldebloomst, the tastiest non alchoholic flower based beverage ever