Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pashly(Sister Mantos Remix) & Penelope Edmund (Dj Trident & Sister Mantos Remix)up NOW!!!!

this is a long time in the making
and its finally up
i've been a big fan of Pashly since we first met on good ol' myspace
she brings the dancy jams and also gets real dark and deep, if you haven't heard
please go here, like NOW

Morning Sun is one of Pashly's songs that just makes me go crazy, a rad beat, haunting voice, i swear i've heard it at least 200 times (and that was before the remixing session)
i had to remix it, and after a summer/fall of learning how to use Ableton here it is

Pashly "Morning Sun (Sister Mantos Remix)"
Pashly- Morning Sun (Sister Mantos Remix) by Sister Mantos
On the topic of most righteous songwriters....
Penelope Edmund is another person who i've had the pleasure of meeting/playing a show with this last year.
its her, her bass and the BANGING BEATS. seriously it was KILLING ME!!!!!
so we HAD to remix her stuff!!!!
DJ Trident and i started putting this track together whilst on tour and now its DONE
Penelope Edmund- Hey (Sister Mantos & DJTrident Remix) by Sister Mantos
we gots a video too (featuring the Youtube booty all-stars)