Monday, May 23, 2011


oh well the world didn't end.
we were hoping for the end of capitalism, imperialism, sexism, homophobia and all the annoying people in the world but oh well!
the party continues....
courtesy of LA RECORD here's a mixtape to bump in our non-raptured world or are we already in hell?
We got a new lil song on it. hope you dig!!

Got to this link to get the download!

Track List:
Bloody Death Skull – Judgment Day
Nostalghia – Cool For Chaos
Halloween Swim Team – Science Fiction
Peter Himmelman – The Pigeons Couldn’t Sleep
Ash Reiter – 2012
Mexicans With Guns – Death And Rebirth
Jenny O – Earth Has Won
The Silent League – Here’s A Star
Yacht – Dystopia
William Strangeland – Last Breath
The Rock N Roll – November Rain
Crystal Antlers – Parting Song For The Torn Sky
Bobby Blunders – Wound Too Tight
Nihiti – Who Will Be Your Messenger
Sister Mantos – Fin Del Mundo Yankee
The Thermals – Here’s Your Future
National Park System – Sad And Fucked (Not Moving)
5-Track – A Beautiful Song About The End Of The World
DRVGDEALER – Smoke Lightning Fuck Unicorns