Thursday, January 19, 2012

!!!TOUR 2012!!!

2011 was great but we didn't really play too many live shows.
We hid in our cave and worked on remixes and started working on new songs.
The new songs (which are going in a very FUNKY direction) were like lil' seeds, slowly sprouting through the soil and now its time for them to break free into the sunlight.

So we are officially embarking on a tour!!!!
As usual we WANT TO PLAY ANYWHERE (well we need a PA at least) and would love any suggestions or requests... help us come to your town!!!
We've got a few shows booked so far.....

Fri Mar 16- PHILADELPHIA @ Beaumont- House Show
Sat Mar 17- free date nyc/east coast
Sun Mar 18- free date nyc/east coast
Mon Mar 19- free date nyc/east coast
Tues Mar 20- free date nyc/east coast
Wed Mar 21- NYC @ Karaoke Famous/Veronica Peoples Club (DJ Set/Co-Host)
Thurs Mar 22- free date nyc/east coast
Fri Mar 23- NYC @ Whitney w/Dawn Kasper
Sat Mar 24- BERLIN @ Madame Claude w/ Yola Fatoush
Sun Mar 25- free date Berlin/UK
Mon Mar 26- free date Berlin/UK
Tues Mar 27- free date Berlin/UK
Wed Mar 28-  BERLIN @ Sy&M
Thurs Mar 29- LONDON @ The Victoria w/Penelope Edmund's new Band!
Fri Mar 30- COLCHESTER @ Mother Popcorn
Sat Mar 31- Liverpool?
Sun Apr 1- free date UK

Contact us for booking and questions, WE WANT TO PARTY WITH YOU!!!