Sunday, January 20, 2013


for the a little over a year now Jeff Galvan aka Gay Tendencies aka Jeffzilla (check out his NSFW tumblr and I have been throwing a party called COOL WORLD. We just made a youtube channel for it, thanks to the hard work of our inhouse diva, designer and spirit animal Traviesa (check out her radness here
Check out the videos below!

XINA XURNER!!!!! deeeeeep jams and intensity :)

TREVWA!!!!! from the forest comes bass sounds to split your mind in half

LAURETTE GOLDFISH!!!! orginally from France she brings the GROOVE!!!!
PAPER SLANG!!! these lovely LA-liens doing a wicked cover of Springsteen!!!!
we should be throwing a party sometime in February.... check out our tumblr for more info! bye babezes!