Tuesday, January 22, 2013


we joined a new band...
(did we mention we are a bit of a music junkie?... and yes the NEW Sister Mantos record is almost done... almost!)

we are called CRAB LIONS and we'll be playing our first show this Friday, Januaray 25th at El Cid. The band features techno priestess Laurette Goldfish, performance artist and notorious cultural instigator Brian Getnick and lil ol' me/we/sisttermantos :)
All I can say is its groovy, trippy, moody and you'll wanna dance, plus we're pretty damn CUTE!
we're on FIRST get there at 9pm yes really 9pm!!! (pretend I said 8pm, ok!)

we will be opening up for the magnanimous, intense and soul rattling DORIAN WOOD!!! if you've never seen him play be prepared to cry at the true beauty of what music really is (and should be)!!!!! it is truly an honor to share the stage with such a talented and powerful being! (Dorian also made the drawing for the flyer, i'm telling you Dorian just rules at everything!!!!)
check out Dorian's video below!!!

Dorian Wood - Pearline from Brother_Science on Vimeo.

and on a totally un-related note... did ya know that the Los Angeles Police Department is a shady organization? (duh) here's something we just learned about...

this is why we music... to DESTROY FACISM :)
peace & love!!!